The Ames Baptist Cabin (#403)
Falls Creek Conference Centers - Davis, OK

Located just across the street from Falls Creek’s central hub (The Tabernacle, MEC, and the Thompson Lodge), our cabin is a fantastic opportunity for smaller churches attending camp to experience Falls Creek first hand and up close!


CAPACITY39 -18 Girls, 16 Boys, Separate Cooks Quarters (Holds 3), Separate Pastor/Guest Quarters (Holds 2), Girls Dorm Bathroom has 3 showers and 3 toilets, Boys Dorm Bathroom has 2 Showers and 2 Toilets

KITCHENFully Furnished Kitchen including Ice Maker, 3 Refrigerators, and more. See more details here.

LOCATION:  >> Directly across the street from the Tabernacle!!! <<

COSTThe rent per week is $1200, with a $300 deposit (Deposit will be returned upon positive checkout after camp, OR deposit can be kept with ABC to hold cabin for the next summer.)

--- For the two half-week sessions of Associational Children's Camp, the cabin rents for $600, plus a $200 deposit.

CONTACT/QUESTIONS: Denise Cramer - 580-554-4473 --

If you’re interested in renting our cabin, give Denise a call.



(Rentals are subject to change, and may not always be reflected accurately in the above chart.
Please contact Denise for most current information about cabin availability. Thank you!)

2019 Cabin Rentals.png